Asahi Tec

Global Announcement Video

Client Situation Our client needed to expand globally while still maintaining cohesiveness and a common culture among its employees.

Insight Solution By leveraging our in-house creative and video capabilities, we developed a global announcement video where executive messages were delivered in multiple languages, helping our client communicate their expanding global presence. More importantly, the announcement itself became a unifying action based on how the company embraced its diversity and worldwide footprint.

Results Facilitating an approach featuring on-screen translations in Japanese and English helped set the tone for the integrated nature of the new partnership. As a result, employees were able to embrace the change and the opportunity it represented.

Ford EMS

International Dealership Curriculum

Client Situation With automotive dealerships in expanding international markets, our client needed effective training to help dealers meet objectives. The original curriculum, however, was not driving performance, and many dealerships were unable to access training.

Insight Solution We created skills maps for each job role, mapped those to courses, and then identified skill gaps, redundancies for elimination and where content could be aligned. In addition, we made the training delivery methods more accessible by creating digital courses as well as aids to act as Sales Manager-led substitutes to the instructor-led courses.

Results By focusing on the behaviors required by each job position, we increased the performance and effectiveness of the dealership training. The final curriculum contained a full complement of skills courses, product courses, job performance aids, videos, guides and more, translated into the appropriate language. The training focused on long-term results and has become a driver of performance as well as producing increased certification numbers.

Henry Ford Health System

Guided Software Rollout and Staff Training

Client Situation One of the nation's leading integrated health care systems had the considerable task of training thousands of hospital employees on a new computer-based radiology exam ordering system.

Insight Solution To transition from their paper-based system, our client needed to ensure both staff and patients experienced a smooth changeover to the new, safer and more reliable system. Our solution included facilitating two months of hands-on training sessions with individual doctors and small groups of support staff. Additionally, training facilitators provided an interface between hospital staff and IT professionals to further improve and streamline the software.

Results After receiving training, staff doctors and clinic support staff were able to switch to the new radiology ordering software while maintaining quality service for patients. In added value, the IT team gained the insight it needed to optimize the software, and radiology technicians now receive standardized orders for exams that reduce errors.

Hydraulic Brake Group

Brand Identity Campaign

Client Situation An emerging company needed to present an image that allows it to be viewed on equal footing with the larger OEMs that make up its customer base.

Insight Solution Our belief is that a strong brand image and compelling selling messages can be presented by companies of all sizes. That belief took hold in this integrated set of product marketing materials and corporate messages – developed for a client with a strong product line but without an existing brand identity.

Results The finished materials presented the cohesive, high-quality image the company was looking to establish. All elements – corporate brochure, product launch video, and product spec sheets – were produced quickly and in a manner reflective of the company's innovative spirit and technical expertise. In addition, the pieces were designed to allow new products to be incorporated without having to reprint existing materials.


Product-Rich Micro-site

Client Situation An engineering company with technical products faced a common marketing challenge: The need to engage general, high-level customers while still providing enough technical information to convince engineering and purchasing customers of the deep level of product quality.

Insight Solution Our solution included a two-pronged approach – web-based banner ads to communicate broad messages and the ability to directly link to a product-rich micro-site for deeper product-based insights and messages. The micro-site included product illustrations, video animation and video interviews with key engineers to dramatize the product story.

Results The campaign allowed the client to measure success in the form of documented click-throughs generated by each banner ad. A secondary benefit was the ability to share product expertise internally throughout the company, helping everyone gain a better understanding of the engineering passion and integrity that goes into their products.


Business Culture Change

“We at Midas have worked with Alteris Group on several training-related projects. Alteris worked with us as we made Maintenance Services one of our core offerings in our shops. It was important for us to reach the dealers and shop employees with a consistent message and with the necessary training to ensure that we had a successful launch into this area. Working with Alteris was a rewarding experience for all involved. They were flexible and diligent about meeting our deadlines. Most importantly their expertise was helpful to us.” MaryBeth Costello, Director of Training, Midas International

Client Situation When an established automotive repair company changed its business model from a focus on muffler and brake repairs to providing full maintenance services, it needed a way to communicate the new culture to consumers and members of its own team.

Insight Solution We worked with the company to lay out the in-store processes and standards for the desired consumer experience. A performance-based training program transformed the field team into dealer business consultants. The training included individual assessments to identify performance gaps in current consulting capabilities. A strategy map depicted the path to the desired culture. For dealers, workshops introduced the new business model and educated them the consumer experience.

Results The strategy map informed the organization and achieved executive-level buy-in where previous attempts had failed. It helped recruit new franchisees and led to subsequent change strategies. The field team training improved business consulting skills. The dealer workshops encouraged buy-in of the new model.


Corporate Citizenship Report

Client Situation The “good citizen” aspects of a company needed to be brought to life in a way that complemented the tangible advantages of the products it manufactures.

Insight Solution Alteris Group developed a 60-page brochure to provide a first-ever presentation of the company's culture, environmental commitment, diversity and ethics. High-quality photography set up each section in a consistent manner. For the client and its stakeholders, the brochure showed how key corporate values can be nurtured with the same level of attention normally given to more traditional products.

Results This well-received corporate report turned the company's citizenship efforts into a valuable selling asset. The sum of all the content areas presented an impressive story, especially to stakeholders interested in associating with a company that takes business ethics, an environmental commitment and corporate-giving seriously.


Product Marketing Launch Process

Client Situation Our client wanted to avoid “reinventing the wheel” every time a new product was launched and to benefit from a more consistent process that could maximize launch budgets.

Insight Solution We captured the most effective aspects of the many processes already in place, many of which had not been documented, and facilitated small-group sessions to forge agreement on common approaches. The solution that emerged was a fully articulated launch process, with timelines and tools to guide team members.

Results Team members across all disciplines now have a common route to success, complete with timelines and a visual representation of how each step contributes to the overall process. New product launches are now being implemented in a consistent manner that is more efficient and effective.