Digital Service Menu Boards Offer a New Solution to Ford and Lincoln Dealerships

March 02, 2012 | Posted by Libby Black | Marketing, Video

If given the option, most people would probably prefer a sign that can talk, show complex information and display a series of images and videos instead of a single static image with text. Digital signage can provide all of this and more, and many companies are finding that it is a versatile solution and a great investment as well.

In 2011, Alteris Group partnered with Minneapolis-based marketing technologies provider Wireless Ronin Technologies, Inc., to create digital service menu boards for Ford Motor Company. This adaptable, quick-to-update solution allows Ford to maintain consistent brand messaging at Ford and Lincoln dealerships that choose to use the digital signs.  

Wireless Ronin and Alteris Group teamed up to create Alteris Group Powered by RoninCast®. Each brought unique pieces of the puzzle to the table. Wireless Ronin provided hardware and software development and support. Alteris Group provided its sales and marketing experience to create video and digital media for the digital signage platform.

 “Combining Wireless Ronin’s robust RoninCast digital signage solution with Alteris Group’s marketing and service expertise created the perfect combination for Ford to optimize their branding and messaging efforts,” said Tim Connor, co-owner of Alteris Group.

Check out the video clip above to learn more.