Decoding Digital Media: Alteris Group Adds New Software Engineers and Digital Solutions Manager

September 02, 2014 | Posted by Libby Black | Alteris News

Fifteen years ago, digital media was still new and the digital media makers still rare. People created digital projects just because they could, not because they made sense...or even made a return on investment. But today, digital media is driving marketing campaigns and learning curricula, taking the lead from more traditional media forms. And with that exponential growth comes maturity. Now, the real urgency is not for the digital media makers per se, but the digital media thinkers, people who understand how to mold and shape the medium to solve a business issue or work towards a business goal. 

What businesses need is a team that can match the latest digital technology to real solutions. Alteris Group continues to expand its digital capabilities for just this reason—to blend their depth of experience, knowledge and business problem-solving with the right technologies and formats to create solutions that achieve effective results. 

Whether it’s keeping field personnel updated in real time, demonstrating a new product feature with augmented reality or one of many other possibilities; we’ve learned a thing or two about navigating the wilds of the digital product development process. 

Meet the New Additions 

Terrence Awrey is the new lead software engineer at Alteris Group. He has spent 15 years developing software for multiple platforms, and his goal upon joining our team was to make a great process better. “We want a thorough development process to test and ensure our products are cutting edge.” He provides technical leadership, selects appropriate technologies and makes sure the assembled development team has what they need to build the products clients want. 

He says that a proper design process first meets the business requirements of the client, verifies that everything requested is feasible and facilitates design of the proper architecture to get the products built. Even seemingly simple products typically involve a host of creative disciplines including graphic designers, writers, developers and programmers. 

Awrey has recently been joined by David McDowall as digital solutions manager and two core full stack software engineers, Ahmad Husseini and Ge Yu. McDowall brings expertise in CRM, digital sales, and steering companies toward digital solutions to enhance and support business strategies. Husseini is responsible for most efforts involving the construction of mobile, web and desktop applications as well as overseeing the automated testing processes of the digital department. Yu will be responsible for most efforts involving the construction of databases, web services, CMS development and business intelligence architecture. 

McDowall, Husseini and Yu will work with the existing digital team at Alteris Group to expand our in-house capabilities. According to Awrey the ability to collaborate and better control the process with an internal team should translate into faster production and approval times as well as cost savings for clients. 

Apps, eLearning and Beyond 

So what will they be working on? Awrey provided some insight into what today’s clients are looking for. They want responsive web applications. These websites are interactive and work well on desktops, tablets and mobile phones. And when clients need an application specifically built for a device, native apps allow additional functionality such as being available offline or offering specialized features. 

Introducing new eLearning course technologies and applications is another goal for the digital team. “We’re already proficient in eLearning,” Awrey says. “We can build internal tools for offering eLearning courses.” He says that leveraging our experience to create even better frameworks for these kinds of courses would allow more client flexibility to get the best results. 

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