How to replace business app agony with awesome new quick, easy platform

September 28, 2017 | Posted by Kim Hutchinson | Alteris News, Video

appidextrous is a new native app development platform and development process designed specifically for the needs of enterprise users, letting them meet superior performance expectations at a fraction of the cost of developing a custom native app. The app platform has already proven itself with several global manufacturers.

“Several of our clients had a strong business need for the performance and features that a native app can provide,” said Stephen Dawley, Account Manager.

As the cost of custom development was prohibitive for most clients, the appidextrous engineering team developed a platform to make native apps easy to build and affordable. “As we got into the development process, we also discovered that clients’ pain points include some of the development steps, so we created an extra-mile support process that addresses them,” said Dawley.

Even prior to official launch, the appidextrous platform has built a loyal clientele with corporate marketers, field sales organizations, and internal communications teams. “We used appidextrous to develop a product introduction app for the new Maverick X3 launch. The app was a great success; everyone loved it,” said Eric Billette, Manager, Global Product Management for BRP. Plans were in place to expand the app, but a BRP corporate decision switched app development to a mobile website platform. “The response to the mobile website user experience was negative,” said Billette. “Six months later, and we’re back to appidextrous and expanding our app program.” With appidextrous, business users are not “on their own.”

One of the unique things that the appidextrous platform offers is client support throughout the development process. “As a company, we’ve always provided a high level of service to our customers,” said John Thompson, Co-owner of appidextrous and its parent company, Alteris Group LLC. “We knew that clients found some steps in the process daunting or difficult to deal with, so we created a process to help make our already easy-to-use platform a no-brainer business decision.”

At minimum, the appidextrous process assists corporate clients with unfamiliar but important tasks such as setting up a high-performance navigation hierarchy, the initial content load and publishing on public app stores or enterprise servers. Clients are also provided with a Project Manager who knows them and their business to contact when questions or needs arise. Additional services, such as ongoing app maintenance and additional content development, are also available as clients choose. For more information, visit for product details.