The Ancient Art of Origami Meets the Digital Age in our 10th Anniversary Video

December 14, 2012 | Posted by Libby Black | Alteris News, Video

To celebrate its 10 year anniversary, Alteris Group recently combined its strengths in video production and technology to create a stop motion video with origami and digital animation. It was also a way to say thank you to all the clients who have been there along the way. 

Digital Creative Director Sarah Biller teamed up with Writer Rick Dennis to create the concept. The idea for taking the origami sculpture used in the stop motion animation and having it move onto the computer screen highlights Alteris Group’s emphasis on digital capabilities, Lip explained. “Shooting on a green screen, using our editing capability and compiling everything was a way to showcase some of the abilities that we have within the company,” she said. 

The scenes were shot with a green screen at Alteris Group’s offices in Southfield, Michigan, and Producer/Editor Kevin Baskin edited the video. Lip had previous experience with stop motion animation but had never used it with origami. “With stop motion, each movement is another frame,” she said. “We had to try to keep the paper in the same spot in order to keep the animation as seamless as possible, and things shift as you’re holding and folding; it’s really intricate.” 

The video is currently available on Alteris Group’s YouTube channel and on the homepage. It offers clients and potential clients an idea of the people Alteris Group has worked with now and in the past. Check it out above.