Performance Consulting Simplified with “Plan, Drive Change, Sustain"

October 19, 2012 | Posted by Libby Black | Training

How do you train people to be proficient consultants regardless of their previous consulting experience? Teaching consultants the skills to create change is no easy task. That’s because understanding how to improve organizations and performance can quickly become complicated involving multiple steps and decision points. Alteris Group’s performance consulting model; Plan, Drive Change, Sustain; was created to classify the steps for successful consulting in a way that is easy to remember...

Articulate Software: A Tool for More Memorable Training

June 01, 2012 | Posted by Libby Black | Training

Competition for attention is fierce these days. Many people’s attention spans have been so whittled down by media overload that it can be hard to make an impression. That’s why when creating a corporate training project or presentation, it can be a challenge to ensure participants absorb and remember what they’ve seen and heard. Alteris Group has found one of the best ways to cut through the extra noise is by using interactive training programs, and Articulate is a great tool for achieving these

What is the Right Digital Strategy for Your Company?

May 18, 2012 | Posted by Libby Black | Training

Innovation in digital communications is happening at a dizzying speed, but in the rush not to miss out on the newest thing, companies often don’t allocate their time and resources effectively and wind up falling short of where they want to be in the digital space. For example, a company may decide to build an app or start an online learning program but fail to consider exactly what it hopes to accomplish. Whether your goal is creating a digital learning tool, a new marketing campaign...