B2B Becomes P2P: The Business Marketing Revolution

June 23, 2015 | Posted by Kim Hutchinson | Marketing

It’s 2015, and B2B marketing is no longer Bland2Boring. Today, it’s hot. Ad Age recently released its first-ever B2B Marketing Fact Pack. IBM just released a report on the impact of the millennial generation, the new B2B decision makers. Budgets are up, and the blah factor is decidedly down. “We have to be more human,” Andy Goldberg, global creative director at GE told Ad Age in a recent round up. “You have to be a great storyteller, especially in b-to-b.”

5 Questions to Ask When Developing a Custom App for Your Field Team

May 19, 2015 | Posted by Libby Black | Training, Marketing

Mobile apps offer access to information and versatility to field teams of every type, but it is this same versatility that should cause app developers pause before any new project. A solid understanding of field and sales networks is a start, but making the right decisions before production begins can really improve the process and the app’s effectiveness. The following are 5 questions any team should ask before creating a custom field app. 1. Who are the end users? The app will be used...

The Right Fit: Custom Mobile Business Apps and Your Field Team

May 05, 2015 | Posted by Libby Black | Marketing

Field teams are mobile by definition, and to be effective, they need up-to-date information where they are and on demand. Enter mobile business apps. Together with tablets and smartphones, they make it possible to carry an entire product catalog in the palm of your hand, provide customized estimates to customers in minutes, demonstrate product features in 3D and much more. Most sales and field teams carry smartphones, whether distributed by the company or not, and in many overseas markets,...

Storytelling: The Agony and the Irony - Part 2

March 10, 2015 | Posted by Kim Hutchinson | Marketing

"It seems that we can’t make a product choice, or any other kind of decent decision, without emotion." In the last post, we talked about my “just the facts” friend, and how ironic it was that facts—even scientific ones—would not persuade him to ‘purchase’ my point of view on storytelling as an essential element of marketing. It seems that my friend is not alone. In fact—pun intended—he is firmly in the majority. A 1979 study...